But that is about to change.


Microsoft purchased LinkedIn last year and they've announced that they are going to take connect your LinkedIn Profile with Outlook.

So it's going to be essential to have a LinkedIn profile.

And if you already have one it's important to make sure it is optimized.

LinkedIn is by far the place that you want to be seen.


  • LinkedIn has 500 million users worldwide.
  • 25 million profiles are viewed daily.
  • LinkedIn does one of the best at limited spammers and because of this,
    it is trusted more by users than other social media platforms.
  • LinkedIn takes less time - most people don't need to go in and
    spend an hour a day skimming around.
  • The younger generation is finally flocking to LinkedIn.

For these reasons, I designed and developed a 15 day
Linked-In challenge with three objectives:

  1. Create& Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile
  2. Increase Your Online Relationships by 100 New Quality Connections
  3. Establish Your Credibility and Authority

Use LinkedIn to Grow and Expand Your Business
For The Long-term


The 15 Day Quality LinkedIn Challenge has been created to help you establish solid and loyal relationships on LinkedIn.

Look over my shoulder as I create a new profile and then use my own LinkedIn profile to go through the challenge myself.

See what to do, not do AND how to fix mistakes.

Each day you will receive an email and a link to a video which covers the following key topics:

  1. Create Your Account (3.17 min)
  2. Your Image (4.38 min)
  3. Your Headline and Summary (4.33 min)
  4. Completing in Your Profile (1.34 min)
  5. Identify Your Email Connections (3.34 min)
  6. Add Your Skill Sets (3.22 min)
  7. Adding Facebook Connections (4.46 min)
  8. Verifying Requests and Removing a Connection (5.34 min)
  9. Reciprocity with Skill Sets (3.57 min)
  10. Tips and Fine Tuning Your Summary (7.30 min)
  11. Recommendation Reciprocity (1.38 min)
  12. Groups (3.59 min)
  13. Influencers (3.06 min)
  14. Messaging (7.59 min)
  15. Moving Forward (13.02 min)



I have added additional material and videos including my LinkedIn Special Edition of ToolKit Digest.

I have researched YouTube and included some of best and short LinkedIn videos.

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The time for hesitation has past.

 If you are serious about having long term customers, it is critical to take action now.

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To your networking success,

Roberta Hill